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Narrated Walking Videos

There’s so much information out there about what WAIKIKI is really like right NOW.  Why not check it out yourself? In these NARRATED videos, we walk through Waikiki showing points of interest: hotels, restaurants, things to do, etc. There are TIME STAMPS in each video description to make the video searchable.  Most of the walk is narrated to the geolocations below (time stamps). ​

WAIKIKI NOW videos come out 2x a month and a great way to get your bearings to see what is near your hotel. Hope this helps take the guesswork out of planning your trip!

WAIKIKI NOW | Walking videos
​Most Recent:

Shopping Areas:

DUKES LANE // In this video, we go on a walk through DUKES LANE – a popular spot for shopping for souvenirs. Our next video will show the full WAIKIKI NOW walkthrough! Stay tuned!

Royal Hawaiian Center | February 2021

International Marketplace
​International Marketplace closed down in 2013 for a complete renovation. It reopened in August 2016.​

MORE Walking Videos

WAIKIKI NOW // Hotels on Kuhio Avenue
Picking a hotel at a new destination can be tricky. While Kalakaua Avenue has quite a few oceanfront hotels, there are other options. In this video, we walk down KUHIO AVE to check out affordable hotel options. KUHIO AVE is only 1 street away from the beach so it’s close but without the oceanfront prices.

WAIKIKI NOW // Curious about what Waikiki looks like RIGHT NOW? In this video, we take a walking tour of part of Waikiki. We start at the Hilton Village, walk to the Outrigger Reef, up Lewers St, and down Kalakaua Ave.

WAIKIKI NOW // In this video, we take a walk down part of KALAKAUA AVE to see what Waikiki looks like right now (Filmed on: Sunday, May 8, 2022 at about 10am).

WAIKIKI NOW, narrated // In this video, we start at Waikiki Wall (Kalakaua Ave + Kapahulu Ave, near the Honolulu Zoo). If you’ve watched our previous Waikiki Now videos, you’ll know we’re mixing it up for this video and starting at a different area as we walk down KALAKAUA AVE.

Curious about what Waikiki looks like right NOW? In today’s video, we start at the HILTON HAWAIIAN VILLAGE and head up to the WAIKIKI SHORE and OUTRIGGER WAIKIKI BEACH RESORT. We take the oceanside walk there. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as sunny as I had initially hoped (3 cloudy days in a row). But, I wanted to show new visitors that Hawaii isn’t always sunny. It was still a gorgeous day out though! Hope this gives you a better picture on what Waikiki looks like right NOW. More Waikiki Now videos coming up in the next week showing you KALAKAUA AVE and KUHIO AVE!

KUHIO AVE | March 2022​
In today’s video we walk down KUHIO AVE to show you a little bit on how Waikiki looks like right now. ​

​KALAKAUA AVE | February 2022 
In today’s video we walk down KALAKAUA AVE to show you a little bit on how Waikiki looks like right now.

KALAKAUA AVE | November 2021
In today’s video, we’re mixing it up with an early morning narrated walk.

KUHIO AVE | October 2021
Curious about what Waikiki looks like RIGHT NOW? As requested, we are mixing it up and showing you more of Waikiki. In this video, we will be heading down KUHIO AVE. Today is Monday, October 24, 2021 – join us on a walk as we check out Waikiki. 

SAFE ACCESS OAHU | September 13, 2021
Today is Monday, September 13, 2021 – the 1st day of the “Safe Access Oahu” mandate. 
**Update:  Mandate ended March 2022

Sunset walk | July 2021
Waikiki is getting BUSY with lines out the door at many restaurants and some stores. The number of visitors visiting Hawaii in July 2021 is 25% MORE than pre-covid July 2019.

Waikiki Beach Project | May 2021
This is now completed and the shoreline is back open.​

Oceanwalk | April 2021
The Waikiki Beach Project is in the works and some of the shoreline has been closed off.

Waikiki Now | April 2021

New Years 2021 | Waikiki

Waikiki Now | March 2021
A few days ago, there was HEAVY rainfall for a few days on Oahu (and the neighbor islands). Some parts of the islands were completely flooded.​

April 2020 | Waikiki, A Ghost Town

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