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by Mariam Beard • Last Updated: September 20, 2022

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Item #1: Carry-on Bag

A quality carry-on bag. My favorite is the carry-on by AWAY. I absolutely love the MinkeeBlue Ella 2.0 tote for my personal item.

Item #2: 3-in-1 charger

This 3-in-1 charger is one of my absolute favorite items to pack. It folds flat and easily charges my AirPods, Apple Watch, and iPhone. Plus, the charging block came with the charger!

Item #3: 5-Gallon clear bags

Small clear bags are perfect for organizing! Plus, you can keep your dirty laundry completely separate from your clean clothes.

Item #4: Corded Phone Charger

While I do like the 3-in-1 charger, I also keep a corded phone charger. It’s perfect for:

  • Quick charges on the airplane (for planes that have the USB or plug-in)
  • ​Quick charges at the airport

Item #5: ​Multi-charger

This multi-charger is great to charge multiple items. These come in USB-C and a few other options

Item #6: Corded headphones

While I always travel with my AirPods, I pack a corded set just in case the battery dies. It’s a great back-up to throw in your personal item.

Item #7: Book light

These are great and double as a flashlight!

Item #8: Lens Wipes

Perfect to clean your lens before taking any photos or video! I usually toss a few of these in my bag.

Item #9: Make-up Bag

This double-sided make-up bag is one of my favorites. It’s luxurious and also has a separate section for make-up brushes to keep your powders separate.

Item #10: 3-in-1 fork/spoon/knife

I toss one of these in my bag because so many times I’ve gotten food at the airport, gotten all the way to my gate, only to realize that I forgot cutlery. Having one of these in my bag avoids that. Plus, it’s a great option to reduce your plastic usage.

Item #11: Wet wipes

Great to clean off your airplane tray table before settling into a long-haul flight! Or, to clean off your hands before/after eating in-flight

Item #12: Snacks for the 1st Day

Breakfast is my absolute most favorite meal of the day! And, when I’m traveling in a new place – it can be so time-consuming to find something to eat when I’m not familiar with a place.

Item #13: Clear Bags

These clear bags are great for organizing all your stuff in the personal item or carry-on.

Item #14: Toiletry Bag

This is one of my favorite structured toiletry bags. 

Item #15: Cutex nail polish remover wipes

I’ll toss 1-2 of these in my personal item. It’s way better than having a bottle of nail polish remover since you won’t have to worry about the nail polish remover leaking in your bag.

Item #16: Mini bottle of mouthwash

These tiny 2oz mouthwash bottles are great to toss in your personal item to freshen up in-flight.

Item #17: BEST NECK PILLOW. Ever.

These are 10 out of 10 my absolute FAVORITE neck pillow


Item #18: LUSH Shampoo Bar

These shampoo bars are the equivalent of 2 bottles of shampoo!

Item #19: Face Wash with Exfoliant

My personal favorite is the “Yes To Cucumbers” brand.

Item #20: WHISH deodorant wipes

These are the tiniest wipes to pack in your backpack. Great to freshen up after a hike! Or just throughout the day when you’re in the Hawaii sun.

Item #21: Neutrogena Make-up Wipes (singles)

Another great item to toss in your bag!

Item #22: Olly brand, Immunity + Sleep

When I’m hopping through different time zones, these OLLY brand packets mixed with warm water (like a tea!) help me catch some much needed sleep!


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