Jurassic Valley Ebike Tour

by Mariam Beard • Last Updated: June 2022

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Quick Details:

  • Island: OAHU
  • Options: Novice or Experienced
  • Duration: 2-hours

Our Experience

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to explore Oahu, then an e-bike tour of Kualoa Ranch is the perfect way to do it. In this video, we take you along on our two-hour tour of the ranch, where we explore the Jurassic Valley, check out movie sets from films like Jurassic World, Hawaii 5-0, Lost, and more.

Check-in Process

The check-in process for the e-bikes was easy. Once we got to the ranch, we headed to the check-in kiosk and then went inside to get weighed and fitted for our helmets. There is a height and weight restriction for the e-bikes, as listed on the screen. If you’re new to electric bikes, don’t worry – after you check in, you’ll do a short electric bike tutorial where they show you how to turn on the bikes, the best ways to steer, and overall use the equipment.

The Bunker

Our tour started with a visit to the bunker. Back in the day, there were guns just where we were standing, and the bunker is still pretty cool. Inside, there are some schematics and a little bit of disaster preparedness from back in the day.

Kualoa Ranch | Sets

After the bunker, we got back on the electric bikes and headed to our next stop. This is where the backdrop of a war zone turns into Hollywood Hawaii’s backlot. We got to see sets from Hawaii 5-0, Lost, 50 First Dates, Jurassic World, Jumanji, Wind Talkers, Battleship, Kong Skull Island, and more.

We also got to see a scale model of Ka’a’awa Valley, which was constructed at the director’s request, costing over $20,000. The model is an invaluable aid for the director and crew as they plan explosion placements, troop movements, and battles for filming the movie.

Jurassic World

We also got to visit the set of one of my favorite movies – Jurassic World. This is the scene where Chris Pratt is running from the volcano and it’s going off into the ocean.

Kong Island

Our last stop was the set of Kong Island, where we had lots of props to take photos with. It was super fun and absolutely gorgeous.

E-Bike | A different way to explore Kualoa Ranch

Overall, the e-bike tour was a great new way to check out the ranch. It was so much quieter than the ATV tours, and there was no dull roar of the engines – it was just us, nature, and the quiet hum of the e-bike. We would definitely recommend it!

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