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by Mariam Beard • Last Updated: May 2021

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Quick Details:

  • Island: MAUI


  • Age for Driver?: 16+ years old with a Driver’s License
  • Tour Duration: 1.5 hours (2 hours including check-in)
  • Days offered: Daily, except Sundays
  • Required Items: Valid Driver’s License, Closed-toed shoes, Long pants, Sunscreen

What to Expect

SO much fun! Check out the video for an in-depth review.


There are so many ways to EXPLORE Maui – air, land, and sea.  Maui is a lot bigger than my home island of Oahu so we did A LOT of driving around the island. Mountain and ocean views!

You can explore Maui:​

  • solo ATV
  • 2-seater UTV (1 driver, 1 passenger
  • and rider-only UTV (guide drives you)

ATV vs. UTV 
We did the 2-seater UTV and loved it! If you’re a group of 2, I would recommend the UTV (instead of the single-rider ATVs). Why?

  • Side-by-sides easier to chat
  • Take photos together
  • One can take photos, one can drive

What to Pack

I would recommend bringing a dry bag to put all of your belongings (cell phone, wallet, rental car keys, etc.). The ATV goes rain or shine. The dry bag below is the one I use (black with clear window) and clips right onto the ATV bars so it won’t roll around during the ATV ride.

Our Experience

Loved this trip! Check out the video for an in-depth review!

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