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What’s better than an acai bowl?

In this post, I go over one of my favorite super cute spots to grab an acai bowl. I grabbed a quick light acai bowl with a friend and it did not disappoint. Keep in mind it is a coffee shop with a bigger MENU (link) that also has eggs, breakfast sandwiches, vegan options, salads, and other menu options.


Quick Details:

  • Island: OAHU
  • Restaurant: Island Vintage Coffee

Important Info:

  • Location: Located on the 2nd floor of the ROYAL HAWAIIAN CENTER (Address: 2301 Kalakaua Avenue #C215 HonoluluHI 96815). It’s above the Royal Grove stage area
  • Hours: 6:00am-10:00pm
  • Parking?: FREE validated parking for 3 hours and $2 per hour for the next 2 hours with ANY purchase. Like all parking, rates can change. Click HERE to check out the Royal Hawaiian center’s most up-to-date parking information.
  • Phone Number: +1 808.926.5662
  • Menu: Click HERE.
  • Reservations?: No reservations, walk-in only. Sometimes there’s a line but it moves quickly.

There’s open-air indoor seating, outside seating and there’s even seating along the railing. It’s cute. With it’s super early 6:00am start, it’s perfect for early risers, those suffering from jetlag, or those wanting a full breakfast beyond the ABC Stores grab-and-go snacks. 

Lilikoi. The name of a friend’s puppy (local kine). And also the Hawaiian word for passion fruit.

Original Acai OR Lilikoi Moana Bowl?
Their ORIGINAL ACAI BOWL 24oz is a classic choice. It has the regular base you’d expect: Organic Acai, Tropical Fruits, Banana, Cold-Pressed Apple Juice, Almond Milk. The toppings that are generously put on top are: Strawberry, blueberries, local banana, Big Island organic honey, organic granola. 

But wait.

There’s another option that may take it up a level: the LILIKOI MOANA BOWL

Here me out. Yes, it’s not the classic acai bowl. But, I personally think it’s better. It’s like the hotter older brother of your next-door neighbor. All the positive traits of your neighbor – but leveled up.  Best for those with a sweet tooth.

​So, what exactly is it you ask? Lilikoi is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit. This bowl comes in TWO sizes: 24oz and the smaller 16oz. While the 24oz is great for sharing, I like the smaller 16oz for just me.  And the toppings? Same as the acai bowl…BUT you also get papaya and fresh housemade lilikoi honey instead of Big Island organic honey.

How to Get There

Located in: Royal Hawaiian Center

Address: 2301 Kalākaua Ave #C215, Honolulu, HI 96815

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